Namibrand Dark Sky Reserve - The family hideout

Imagine staying at an old farm in the middle of the desert with no service, no wifi, no TV, no heating and only three hours of electricity per day, with your family for more than 48 hours. I had the "chance" to experience this and I can tell you that it has it's positive and negative sides. 

We stayed at the Namibrand Family hideout, your own private house with your own private game drives and ranger. The house was located in a dark sky reserve, one of the first in the world, which means that there was no light pollution. We could see the milky way and so many stars all over the horizon. To bad that we were not able to take a picture of this. It was amazing. You can't imagine how many stars are hidden from us in Europe because of all the lights. 
You can already tell that being with only your family for so long, can make you tired. I got a little bit frustrated that I wasn't able to let my friends know where I was and how I was doing. What if something had happened…

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